DoubleMRanch Design

October 14, 2020

Vote for It!

by Rowan / Advertising / Journal

Design alteration by Rowan Moore

I give you my contribution to democracy, a graphic design-jacked campaign lawn sign! With the message of Let Go and Let Joe Biden take the reigns. Release your anxiety to a higher power if you will. Let’s do the right thing everyone. Mercury is going retrograde and the election is less than 3 weeks away. Everyone is nervous. Because of the Pandemic everything we loved and rely upon has changed, or is completely broken. On top of COVID-19, we are concerned about climate change, poverty and murder hornets, to name a few, and we need forward leaning leadership, “So vote like your life depends on it.” as Michelle Obama recently said. Because it does.

And if you don’t believe me listen to these guys.

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