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December 23, 2020

Season’s Greetings from me to you.

by Rowan / Journal

I wish you a Peaceful Holiday.

I give you my 2020 Cookie Platter. I was crazy for citrus this year. I guess I was craving fresh excitement that seems present in lime and orange and dried cranberries, even walnuts have a bite to them. I enjoyed zesting and chopping, weighing and measuring. The Chocolate Crinkles are a favorite classic from Betty Crocker. The shortbread stars are for my Scottish heritage with some added sparkle. And of course there is a good amount of powdered sugar to mimic snow. My neighbors were pleased!

Cookie Platter (clockwise from top):
Chocolate Crinkles, Orange, Walnut, Cranberry Drops, Shortbread Stars,
Lime Pecan Snowballs, Candied Ginger
Presents wrapped in 60 year old magazine ads

This has been quite the year, workwise. I am mostly blown away by the generosity of people and their ability to be in the now and work there. Pandemic aside we all have to live and try to get on with our work and our lives even though they may seem suddenly foreign. I find great comfort in my work and the various forms it takes. I have been practicing deep gratitude for the work I have done this year and the growth it has afforded me.

You can see some of it here, here, and here.