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October 2, 2020

Recent Past

by Rowan / Advertising / Illustration / Type

2020 Election mailer collage

Way back a million weeks ago after March 4th when Michael Bloomberg dropped out of the race for the worst job in America I made this collage out of the some available political mailings that littered my kitchen table. I was attracted to the design of this original and when Mike dropped out of the race the ink on these pieces was barely dry. To honor their existence I thought I would craft my own message. While we worried about who might lead us COVID-19 was already on our American shores. I had just taken a fun weekend trip to Seattle and I was on my way to Vancouver to see a retrospective show by artist Cindy Sherman. I was feeling pretty good, relatively speaking. It was a beautiful spring day in Vancouver and the general vibe was upbeat despite what was looming. I did find myself being super conscious of what I was touching and how close to people I was getting. I had been paying attention to the news, I understand how viruses can spread. Downtown Vancouver in spring is overrun with tourists and as we had lunch after the show I marveled at the diversity of diners, a totally international crowd. Little did we know only 2 weeks later the borders of many countries would be closed to foreigners and people would be scrambling to get home. So this piece reminds me of a simpler time, the time before now. I take a lot of pleasure in making things with the materials that are around me and during this time of disorientation it has proved to be a helpful activity.

If art isn’t your thing, try voting.

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