DoubleMRanch Design

Rowan M. Moore


I was waiting around, biding my time. Then it hit me. No one was coming for me.

I started walking and the more often I met with the road, the more interesting the journey became.

Cedarwings, Spraypaint over cedar boughs on plywood. 2021


Ongoing and Developing

Welcome to this digital space. My name is Rowan Moore Seifred, I was born in British Columbia and was schooled on the west coast. I hold an associates degree in Fine Arts from Langara College In Vancouver BC (1983), and a BFA from the Otis College of Art & Design in Los Angeles (1986). I studied Communication Design and Illustration. 

I am  working to develop a meaningful conceptual art practice. I have created a framework to support and develop my ideas in a rational way. I have limited my areas of interest and focus in an effort to create an internal environment where authentic ideas can surface and be addressed. The framework consists of routine practices of writing, walking, drawing, photography and video. I am concerned with concepts of sustainability and accessibility. I have been thinking about forms of art and their meaning. Leaning on my experience with publishing and printing I have compiled a book of self-portraits that I have made for sale via Amazon. The act of being able to make my own book and self publish it was liberating. A book is an understandable object, easy to access and maintain. Also easy to destroy and dispose of through recycling. A book is recognizable across cultures and as it is a book of faces no words are necessary to express meaning.

My interest in mark making has also brought me to think about alternate ways of drawing and line making. I have drawn with buttermilk and ash and spent time thinking about the meaning and symbolism of these things. Books on these explorations are in process also.