DoubleMRanch Design

November 30, 2021


by DMRD-Admin / Advertising / Branding / Journal / Logos

I just have to take a minute to make a post to say Hi. We are all well despite the events happening around us. Floods, viruses, separation. It’s been a tough time but also a productive time. It’s been nearly a year since my last post which is shocking but predictable. The year seems to have slid away and here it is November, almost black friday. I can’t even say I have been putting off posting, it just hasn’t been on my radar. I thought at the very least I should put my digital hand up and wave at everyone out there.

One project I have been working on this fall is for Cascadia Daily News, formerly Cascadia Weekly. I designed their new brand and have been supporting the roll out to the launch in January 2022.

It’s been a tough time for my community post flooding. That has certainly been on my mind and also the climate conditions that brought high rainfall amounts and snow melt all in one perfect storm. The flood waters have not yet fully receded and we are due for another atmospheric river on Thanksgiving, with 2 more waiting in the wings. Local individuals, organizations, agencies, are working hard to help people navigate this catastrophe but the weight of the worry is incalculable.