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I love the animated gif.

Animated gif by DoubleMRanch Design

I created this animated gif for Kirkegaard, Architectural Acoustics and Integrated Systems. With a little help from Adobe Firefly I was able to create a few spooky letter forms, and some sinister textures. To make the gif I used Adobe Photoshop. No sound on this one.

Exploring Firefly

I am trying my hand at using Adobe’s Firefly application, using text prompts to create images. It is wholly amazing to see what is generated. I had quite a bit of fun making ridiculous combinations of things. I would love to show you what I made. Pretty soon after about my 4th session with Firefly I began to read more deeply how all this “fun” will be accounted for. Yes we have subscriptions to Adobe Creative Suite but the extra development involved in the generative process is clearly intense. So it is interesting to read what credits are worth, where they can be used and how often.

I am glad I took a small foray into the process of creating images using AI. I would certainly do it again but I wonder how much just exploring making a sketch could cost in the long run. There are also copyright considerations for the app owner that will intersect with client copyrights. So, in some ways potentially labor and hassle eliminating and in other ways new and complex considerations introduced into art production. Good and bad, as always.

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