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Silkscreen Tea Towel Project

Silkscreen tea towel


My client, the Bellingham Farmers Market needed a tea towel and we decided to knock it out of the park with a 3 color composition. If you are seeking a lesson in reductive design try designing for silkscreen in multiple colors. I have plenty of experience with the pitfalls of letterpress printing, adjusting details of size and coverage to suit the printing vehicle. Offset is easy, anything can be printed with precision. Silkscreen is another animal all together and less is definitely more. Considering all the elements in the design I moved pretty quickly toward simplifying things. I embraced the negative spaces around spots of color to tell the story of this piece. I am lover of  large color fields in offset printing but in silkscreen it can work against you. I added different textures into the solid areas to further mottle the colors to give more of a vintage feel, and to lighten the load on the printer who is a real person. The color palette, also inspired by vintage tea towels from the 40’s is designed to fade gently with washing. The illustration was created using Adobe Illustrator. Erin Boyd at Redboots Design was hugely helpful with the process and really helped me create a good finished product. Thanks Erin!

silkscreen print tea towel

Detail of the illustration and one of me and the dog in Erin’s studio. The towel is nice and big, almost covered me, almost.

Redboots Design


Spring. This year and last.

Bellingham Farmers market 2012 Poster

Upon distribution of this year’s Farmers Market Poster I dug up this old post from last spring. We’ve been enjoying terrific (until today) weather. Everyone is glowing and busy with the sunshine that has visited us for a week. I thought I would look back and see what was happening last year.

It’s spring, sort of. It snowed today, just light flakes but still, it is March. I am thinking about planting things and feeling envious of people with greenhouses. It’s too early and we have to be careful not to jump the gun. Design is like this too. I go along moving things around, introducing elements, color, typography and sometimes it’s all for naught. The client waves the idea down and I am left feeling like a barren desert, no idea in sight. I generally walk at these moments. I get out on my little stretch of untraveled country road and I mull the problem over and like magic something comes to me. In the case of this poster I got off on a tangent involving a lot of words and to that I added lots of dingbats and the overall effect was not good. After a little reflection I came up with what you see here which uses some elements from the earlier piece and a simple image of a carrot in suggested ground. And with this poster the 20th season of the Bellingham Farmers Market is launched. I am proud to say I have been on a 10 year journey with this client.