Eat Local First/Food & Farming Launch Project

Eat Local First Poster in store window
Eat Local First window decal in downtown store window
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Sustainable Connections’ Food & Farming Program  supports new farmers, connects eaters and food buyers to local farms and food producers, and works to build a sustainable food economy. In 2010 Sustainable Connections launched its Eat More Local Campaign, the initiative is a marriage of the Food & Farming Program and the ongoing Think Local First campaign. The mission of the campaign is to encourage people to look more closely at what is in their grocery bag or on their restaurant plate and identify what is local and try to get more local onto that plate or into that bag. There was a parallel message of How Much Local is in Your Bag and How Much Local is on Your Plate. The messages were tailored to wholesale and retail customers. This campaign also works along side Food & Farming’s farmer profile posters that are used throughout the community. The overarching goal of each program is to introduce producers to consumers in order to create a wider network of locally produced food and consumers of that food.

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