Book Lust

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Sasquatch Books in Seattle approached me to design this cover and book. Nancy Pearl is a well known Seattle Librarian who is a regular on NPR. She has loads of local appeal and the book is like a look inside her years of devotion to the written word. There was an intimacy to it and of course the word Lust conjures up certain ideas. I wanted to make a cover that had a sort of pure intimacy to it. I hired photographer Jason Koski and together we came up with the compositions seen here. The background page spread up top is from one of my mother’s books from girlhood, a leather bound edition with tissue thin paper that spoke of desire found in favorite volumes, read over and over. Two of my favorite fonts are hard at work in this book. Bembo and Futura. Futura offers a modern openness while Bembo is demure and legible. The running text in the book had a fairly complex architecture due to several list types and Bembo met the challenge. The little images that are scattered throughout the book are from Havana Street. More Book Lust and the Book Lust Journal followed.